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Frequently Asked Questions

Client's questions
Lawyer's questions

What type of service can Ammurapi offer?

You will have access to all lawyers available on Ammurapi application worldwide, which will help in any type of legal consultation, opening cases and/or assigning lawyers to cases.

How can I find the most convenient lawyers for my questions and clarifications?

You can filter your search results while doing your search by using the filter functionality. In addition to that, you can sort the results for a better searching experience.

  • Alphabetically: The lawyers in the list will be sorted alphabetically.
  • By Rating: The lawyers in the list will be sorted by rating.
  • Number of cases taken: The lawyers in the list will be sorted based on the number of cases taken.

    How can I search for lawyers using the Near-by functionality?

    You can view your search results by using the toggle menu available under the search field:

    • List view: This is the default view which displays the resulting lawyers as a list.
    • Near-by: Once selected, this displays the resulting lawyers on the map.
      • Note: The same lawyers will be displayed while toggling between views (List view, Near-by)

    Where can I find the communication done with Ammurapi support team?

    In your inbox.

    How to assign a lawyer to a new case?

    Once you create the case, Ammurapi will be studying the case and accordingly suggesting five lawyers to your case so you can choose your lawyer.

    We will study every case by case and based on the characteristics (listed below) of the case, the system will suggest the lawyers:

    • Language
    • Expertise
    • City

    Navigate to the case screen and select a lawyer from the Suggested Lawyers section. Click on the lawyer’s profile picture to view their profile where you can find two buttons labeled as Assign and Dismiss.

    • If you click on Assign: The lawyer will be notified and directly assigned to your case.
    • If you click on Dismiss: The lawyer will not be available to select for the case anymore.

    How can I make sure that the displayed lawyers are actual lawyers?

    Ammurapi checks all lawyers’ accounts before making them available on Ammurapi application. The credibility of the lawyer is confirmed by the system, after checking the lawyer’s Syndicate ID (Bar #). If the lawyer has a valid Bar #, then the lawyer’s account will be activated and users will be able to search this lawyer, else, the system will prevent the lawyer from joining by rejecting the account created.

    How can I rate a Lawyer?

    Any time after initiating the first communication with the lawyer, you will be able to rate the lawyer from the lawyer’s profile.