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Let Ammurapi for Business help you grow your business!

Ammurapi for Business provides you with the extra exposure you need in order to grow your business exponentially.

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An advanced tool for advanced lawyers

By signing up to Ammurapi for Business, you will be having instant exposure to clients whether around you or anywhere in the world.

You decide how you want to be reached, whether through Ammurapi's messaging tool and inbox or by a direct call to your mobile number.

Use Ammurapi for Business to contact lawyers anywhere around the world.

Get assigned new cases, accept them and proceed.

And that's not all!

With Ammurapi for Business

Gain for visibilty and exposure

Gain for visibilty and exposure

Clients anywhere around the world are able to find you thanks to your fields of expertise, languages and location.

You will be contacted through Ammurapi's messaging tool and inbox or by a direct call to your mobile number, but that's up to you!

Clients can safely rate you but not before filtering the reviews through our systems!

Get assigned Ammurapi cases

Get assigned Ammurapi cases

Clients are opening cases all around you and you will be selected to handle as many as you can and all that based on the criteria required per case.

You can decide whether to accept or dismiss a case.

Track all your cases through the cases screen.

Contact fellow lawyers

Contact fellow lawyers

Find a lawyer through Ammurapi's search feature.

Use the fields of expertise, languages and/or location filtering criteria to narrow down the result.

Adjust the list view results with our sorting tool or access our interactive map to locate the nearby lawyers around.


Start by creating your own profile

We only require a valid email address, some personal information and your bar# for verification purposes.

Define your expertise

Setup up your field of expertise to be tracked upon.

Choose languages

Add up to 5 languages you are comfortable with and get messages and cases based on that.

More about you

Finally, fill out a quick overview statement of yourself if needed and that's it, you are almost on board.

Ammurapi Soon

We aim to let Ammurapi organize your legal work for you

We are in the process of implementing a new generation smart practice management tool which will be directly integrated onto Ammurapi for Business.
Ammurapi will become your client and cases tracker, agenda manager, archiver, smart reporter and billiing system and much more!

Each firm will have its own dashboard of lawyers, clients and cases.
Each lawyer will be able to track his clients, cases and agenda as well as all his profits, billables and reports.
Clients will be listed per lawyer for future tracking and reporting.
A case module will be setup for all lawyers and firms to track cases based on their statuses.
A lawyer can create tasks of any type, billable or not and track them at any time.
Tasks will be allocated into the lawyer's main calendar for tracking and follow up purposes.
Budgeting & Billing
A smart engine will keep track of all your billables, electronic receipts and remind you of all dues at anytime.
Our smart reporting tool will help you follow up on all your dues, accruals, clients, cases, performances and much more.
You name it!
All your legal documents can be stored safely, organized and maintained.
You will be able to save drafts and generate contracts at anytime.

The more you achieve
The more exposure you get

You will be tracked by the number of cases assigned and completed.
Our systems will boost your exposure based on the messages received.
Basically the more cases you have and the more you reply to clients, the more visibility you gain.

Clients will be rating you but not before we filter their reviews and make sure of their integrity.
Our sorting tool will help clients find you based on your Ammurapi's rating score.

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