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Ras Al Khaima - UAE
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Contact a lawyer anywhere, anytime!

Whether you are looking for a lawyer nearby or abroad, want to issue and track your case, Ammurapi is the tool for you.

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Ammurapi offers

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We only require a valid email address.

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Contact & Rate

Contact your lawyer using Ammurapi's inbox or by a direct phone call.

Rate your lawyer anytime.

Create a case and assign a lawyer

With Ammurapi, you can easily open a case.
We will make sure to automatically forward you a list of matching laywers to choose from and assign the case to.

Why Ammurapi?

Ammurapi screen

Find your lawyer through Ammurapi's search feature.
Use the fields of expertise, languages and/or location filtering criteria to narrow down the result.
Adjust the list view results with our sorting tool or access our interactive map to locate the nearby lawyers around.

Ammurapi screen

Contact a lawyer through Ammurapi's messaging tool.
Access your opened threads from Ammurapi's inbox screen.
Reach out for lawyers directly on their mobile number.

Ammurapi screen

Open a case with Ammurapi anytime.
We only require some briefing!
Ammurapi instantly provides your case a list of suggested lawyers for you to select from.
Based on your own preferences, you can assign a lawyer to the case and follow-up on your cases through the cases screen.

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Ammurapi China
Ammurapi China
Ammurapi China
Ammurapi China
Ammurapi China
Ammurapi China

Ratings & Reviews

Rating & Reviews

As part of our full transparency strategy, we have designed our own rating and review system.
Clients can only review lawyers whom they have contacted directly whether through Ammurapi's messaging tool or cases!
Rating can be used as a sorting option in the list view.
All ratings and reviews are filtered before publishing in order to insure lawyer's integrity and review's validity!